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Date Done in Class Handouts (click to open/download)
8/20 1.3a Solving Equations (var on both sides) 1.3a Slides
1.1-1.3 Review Solutions
8/17 1.2b Solving Equations 1.2b Slides
8/16 1.2a Solving Equations 1.2a Slides
8/15 1.1c Distributive Property 1.1c Slides
1.1 Practice
8/14 MAP
8/13 MAP
8/10 1.1b Distributive Property 1.1b Slides
8/9 1.1a Distributive Property 1.1a Slides
8/8 Google Classroom #0a and #0b in Google Classroom due Wed 8/15
0d Slides
8/7 Group Numbers What Is Math? Worksheet due Mon 8/13
8/6 Pre-Test
8/3 Syllabus 0b Slides Class Rules
Syllabus Learner Information Sheet due Fri 8/10
8/2 Introductions 0a Slides
Who I Am Worksheet due Wed 8/8
Who I Am Example (Mrs. Grayson)


This year, we will be using the Pearson Integrated Mathematics I and II textbooks to guide our learning. This semester will have five units:

  • Solving Equations and Inequalities
  • An Introduction to Functions
  • ŸLinear Functions
  • ŸSystems of Equations and Inequalities
  • ŸProperties of Exponents