1. What should I do if I am struggling in class?

  1. Ask a friend!
  2. Send Mrs. Grayson an email (mgrayson@y115.org) or Canvas message!
  3. Go to Mrs. Grayson’s Office Hours to get help from Mrs. Grayson! (Check with her if there’s another time you can meet.)
  4. Look for a video that could help you (try Khan Academy)!
  5. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

2. How do I do a retake?

You will need to correct your original assessment, and then take a new version of the assessment. You must make arrangements with Mrs. Grayson before doing any of this.

3. What is my math homework?

If homework is assigned, it is important and is designed to help your learning. All homework assignments will be listed on Canvas. Ask Mrs. Grayson if you’d like some extra practice!

4. How should I study for assessments?

The best way to study is to practice with problems you have not done before. Mrs. Grayson can give you extra practice if you ask. You will get a study guide for every assessment. Study guides are not required but are highly highly highly recommended.

5. What can I do to bring my grade up?

RETAKES RETAKES RETAKES!!! If you are willing to put in the work to get your grade up, Mrs. Grayson will help you make that happen.