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Date Done in Class Handouts/Homework (click to open/download)
8/6 Welcome! #001 and #002 in Google Classroom due 8/10

This year, we will be following Black Hawk College’s curriculum to guide our learning. Upon successful completion of this course, the
student shall be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the characteristics of functions and apply this knowledge in modeling and problem solving
  • Perform operations on expressions and functions and make use of those operations in modeling and problem solving.
  • Solve equations in the context of modeling and problem solving.
  • Represent mathematical information symbolically, visually, numerically, and verbally.
  • Estimate and check answers to mathematical problems in order to determine reasonableness, identify alternatives, and select optimal results.
  • Use mathematically correct vocabulary and symbolism to communicate problem statements, problem-solving methods, and interpretations of the solutions to problems.